Nuns Salt & Pepper Shakers
Nuns Salt & Pepper Shakers
Nuns Salt & Pepper Shakers
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Nuns Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Bless your kitchen with a holy load of charm with this Nuns Salt & Pepper Shaker Set!

Now you can make your cooking experience a bit more fun, creative, and blessed every time you grind up some salt or pepper.

Two nun shakers, one in black and the other in white, come with this set so you don’t get confused on what you’re using when cooking!

You can even make this nun salt and pepper shaker set a great gift for any friend or loved one that shows up to church weekly and preaches the gospel whenever they get the chance.

  • Comes with one black and one white dressed nun shaker
  • Black and white salt shakers that help you distinguish between salt and pepper
  • Made with premium ceramic material
  • Perfect gift for any catholic school graduate