Cat Head Squirrel Feeder
Cat Head Squirrel Feeder
Archie McPhee

Cat Head Squirrel Feeder

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A perfect addition to any crazy cat-home, our cat head squirrel feeder is an obvious must-have! We all know of that one person in our lives whose cat obsession continues to know no bounds. Need a gift to quell that insatiable obsession, we’ve got it right here for you!

Feeding the squirrels outside can be just as, if not even more exciting as feeding your favorite sassy felines. Moreover, imagine the shock to your furry four-legged friends as they watch curiously through the window as a squirrel suddenly evolves into a member of the opposite species.

While this product may just drive your cats crazy, this is a feeder that you are sure to thank yourself for again and again.

  • Size of Cat Head: 7"
  • Made with premium quality vinyl material
  • Easy to hang up
  • Place the nuts inside the cat’s head and it will stay secure