Bigfoot Research Kit
Bigfoot Research Kit
Bigfoot Research Kit
Archie McPhee

Bigfoot Research Kit

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Is there a budding Bigfoot enthusiast in your life who would love nothing more than to find concrete evidence of the Big Man himself? Look no further, because with our Bigfoot research kit, you’ll be tracking down the elusive legend in no time!

Whether you choose to document your findings in the included notebook, mark any possible footprints with our evidence flags, or study and mark up the Bigfoot map, the direction of your adventure is completely up to you!

Equipped with an official membership card, field journal, magnifying glass and more, our kit will transform anyone from a simple novice to a full-fledged Sasquatch hunter!

  • Bigfoot Map
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Sasquatch Stickers
  • An official Membership Card
  • Field Journal
  • Bigfoot Scat Bags
  • Evidence Flags