Lederhosen Unicorn Ornament
Lederhosen Unicorn Ornament
Archie McPhee

Lederhosen Unicorn Ornament

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Are you wishing for a unique way to display your German roots this holiday season? Or are you simply a fan of the mystical and strange? If so, we may have just the ornament to do the trick—our one-of-a-kind Lederhosen Unicorn ornament!

In all honesty, who in the world hasn’t imagined a unicorn decked out in the traditional attire of Germany? Our ornament is a show-stopper indeed and we guarantee that your unique and silly ornament will never hang unnoticed. In fact, we are certain that all who pass by will ask you the unavoidable question of where in the world you acquired such a fantastical piece of art!

  • Size of Lederhosen Ornament: 5 ¾"
  • Included string for easy hanging
  • Hand painted by talented artisans
  • Funny Lederhosen Unicorn ornament that makes any tree come alive